Ask A Recruiter- Best Ways To Prepare For An Interview

The difference between candidates sent in by our company and candidates who interview on their own is night and day.  We spend a lot of time with each step of the hiring process to ensure candidates are as prepared as possible.  Interviews can be intimidating and overwhelming, so we’ve pulled together tips from the best recruiters at Executive Staffing Solutions to help you prepare for your interview.

Preparing to Ace your Interview


Visiting the company website is a no brainer, but what do you look for? Find the mission and core values and review those.  There is a great chance that the behavioral questions you will receive will be based off of the mission and core values to determine if your values line up.

LinkedInprepare interview

Visit LinkedIn or use Google to search the people you will be meeting with. Information is out there so spend 10 minutes and do the research so you know something about the people you will be meeting with.

Interview Format

The majority of companies today ask some sort of behavioral interview question. You can Google sample questions to get an idea on the types of questions you may be asked.  Think about the requirements of the position and think about what an interviewer would ask you in a behavioral interview format.

prepare interviewPrepare your Answers

Have 2-3 examples of the skills you bring to the position. Everyone can think of one.  The best candidates who have the expertise have several examples of the skill or trait the interviewer may be looking for.  By preparing this way, you avoid referring to the same example multiple times during the interview.


Prepare your questions and prioritize your questions. I get chills when someone says “I have my standard questions.”  I want personalized and prepared questions for each interviewer you will be meeting with.

It’s not enough to just show up for an interview.  Employers recognize it immediately.  Employers want people who want the job and show initiative.  Preparing for the interview is the first step in demonstrating what you will bring to the table and what type of work you will produce.
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