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Straight From A Recruiter – Create A Compelling One Page Resume

There’s no doubt that your personal resume is one of your strongest tools. Your resume is the first impression most employers have of you and building an effective one-page resume means you are already one step ahead of the competition. We all know we need to create a strong and compelling resume, but how do we best achieve this?

With many experienced recruiters at Executive Staffing Solutions, we love being able to share their advice with you.
Jared Wenzel, one of our managed healthcare recruiters, has some great advice to share with you today:

One page resumes are getting to be a pretty popular format these days. According to a study by The Ladders, recruiters only spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume. This means that you need to make an impact almost immediately to grab their attention. Creating a strong one page resume is a great exercise in being efficient, concise, and impactful. Think of a one pager as the Twitter version of your resume.

There are two good methods for creating a compelling one page resume. You can either start from scratch and build off of an outline or you can take your current resume and remove information until it fits on a single page.

compelling one page resumeStarting From Scratch

When starting from scratch it’s always good to begin with an outline. Start off with a list of your education, degrees and any certifications. Then list your previous positions in chronological order. Just include organization name, title and dates at this point. Depending on how far your job experience goes back, I would recommend cutting it off for positions before 2000.

Now under each job we will start adding in a few bullet points. I recommend only adding up to 5 or 6 bullet points AT MOST. The idea is to highlight your experience, not explain your job responsibilities. Focus on measurable accomplishments or metrics that will help you stand out. Impactful statements on how you were able to save time, money, etc… is really what we are looking for. You can also add in managerial numbers like direct reports if you have leadership responsibilities.

So now depending on the space left you can now add in your name and contact information to the top. If you have some more room after that to use, you can add in skills or a personal mission statement/overview. Now you should have enough information to fit a single page. If not, go back and cut out some more or modify the margins (more on that later) to fit the text.

Addition By Subtraction

Remove the fluff, and by fluff I mean anything that looks like it has been copied over from a position description. This includes any job responsibilities that does not yield a measurable accomplishment or metric. As I said before, the idea is to highlight your experience, not explain your job responsibilities. Basically just keep removing non-essential information until everything fits nicely on a single page.

Resume Logisticscompelling one page resume

  • Keep the font size at an 11 or 12. Your resume should be readable. Making your font size an 8 or a 9 is cheating. If you have to squint when reading the size is too small.
  • Widen the margins. No rule in resume writing says that you can’t use the whole page. Use the extra space rather than shrinking the font size.
  • Use bold font to draw the eye to especially impactful words, metrics, or numbers.

To summarize, a powerful one page resume should really be a highlight reel of your career accomplishments. An attention grabber, or something that draws in a recruiter to spend longer than 6 seconds reviewing. Cut the fluff and any information that only describes a job responsibility without a metric or accomplishment attached. Keep the font size readable and don’t be afraid to push the margins out. If this exercise was done correctly, you should have a readable, focused, one page resume ready to take to the market place. Cheers!

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