Executive Staffing Solutions – A Virtual Tour of Our New Office

We recently moved into our new office space. Want to take a peek?

We started this new year in a brand new office. It’s been a huge change for us and we can’t wait to give you a virtual tour of our new space!

While we only moved  a couple miles up the road from our previous location, our new space couldn’t be more different. We are located on the 6th floor and this gives us an amazing view of the city around us.

We also have an on-site gym where you’ll always find one of our associates working out. Our team makes healthy living a priority.

Outside, we can take a lunch time stroll around the beautiful water feature, and we’re close to many restaurants. This is awesome for us because we have a tradition here at Executive Staffing Solutions that any time we hire a new associate, the ENTIRE office takes them out to lunch.

We do this one on one, so we can take time to really get to know one another.

In fact, our senior partner, Aaron, makes a point to do this with each associate at least once a year. It’s a great way to connect and socialize with one another.

We also work in a pet-friendly office!

Did you know that bringing your pet to work has many benefitsOur furry friends do their part to remind us to take short breaks, help us keep spirits high, and provide a little dose of comic relief.

Plus, I can’t think of anything that reduces stress more than looking in these big brown eyes. Meet Bear, aka “the cutest puppy ever!

Ready for your virtual tour?

Step in and follow me – we’re so happy to share our new space with you!

They say that having a single office plant reduces stress and increases productivity and creativity – so we lined all our windows with them!

Plants help brighten our space and add beautiful color to our office

Our kitchen is a cute space that’s always stocked with snacks and endless coffee.

Most days we have something to celebrate and someone usually brings in treats to share.

Some of our office favorites are fresh, warm bagels and delicious Edible Arrangements fresh fruit displays.

We also have a break room where we gather for meals, conversation, and occasionally even office meetings. It’s a great space to catch up with your coworkers over a fresh cup of coffee or take a short break.

Something else that we’re proud of is our standing desks.

Studies show that standing at the your desk can lower your risk for disease, help you manage your weight, and even positively impact your mood and energy levels.

We made sure to have adjustable standing desks installed for the whole office.

This way, each associate has the choice to adjust between sitting and standing and can switch it as needed.

Being on the 6th floor also means we get to enjoy a gorgeous view of the city!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of our new space as much as we’ve loved sharing it with you!


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