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Our Process

Once we have identified an opportunity that fits your experience and interests, we work closely with you through the entire process–from submitting your resume through resignation and on-boarding in your new role.  Below is an outline of the ESS process:

  1. Interview – We are not a résumé service.  We will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour discussing your résumé, articulating your career goals, and collecting a salary history, so we can accurately and effectively present you to our client. 

  2. Degree Verification and Reference Checks – As part of our process, we verify degrees and check references for our clients.

  3. Introduction – We will introduce your résumé, along with a write-up outlining your background and qualifications, to our client.

  4. Interview Scheduling and Preparation – We will schedule all contact between you and the client.  In advance of any contact with the client, we will share with you our knowledge of the client and provide interview tips and relevant resources so you can best showcase your experience and talent.

  5. Follow-up – We will want to speak with you immediately after any contact with a client.   Your immediate feedback allows us to either share your excitement with the client or, if you believe the position is not the right fit, help you withdraw gracefully.

  6. Spouse Call – We will speak with your spouse or significant other to make sure his/her needs are also being met throughout the process.  If relocation is involved, we can help them do research on an area by providing tools and recommendations.

  7. Offer – We will field the offer from the client and present it to you, confirm acceptance and start date, and answer all transition questions.  We will also help you prepare your resignation and, if appropriate, relocation.

  8. On-Boarding – We will continue to communicate with you once you start your new job to answer any questions and to ensure a smooth transition.