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Changing jobs is one of the most stressful choices a person can make.  Throw in relocation, and the stress level can go through the roof.  We frequently relocate people to all parts of the country.  Below are three tips we recommend that people consider when deciding to relocate:

Use the internet.  There is a large number of websites that complete the cost of living analysis for you.  Use this information as a starting point and as a way to confirm your impressions of a potential new city.  We also recommend that you visit several different sites as no two are alike.  Each site considers slightly different factors when determining the cost of living.  The largest determinants revolve around housing, so be sure to check out comparable properties to get a sense of value.

Do not depend solely on the internet.  Contact the local chamber of commerce, schools, and other groups in the community to gather information.  Visiting a grocery store, reviewing housing guides, and learning the average income will all help determine what the true cost of living difference will be.  Also, seek out people who have lived in the targeted city before.

Consider other cities.  Too often, when considering a move, people look at the big city versus the suburbs that surround the city.  Most people will not end up living in the city but will live in a suburb and commute to the office.  So be sure to factor commuting issues into your decision making.