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Managed Care Connections

Managed Care Connections is the name of our new group on LinkedIn. We are only accepting health care professionals to this group. The group will have access to our newest jobs immediately after we receive them, so the data will always be current.

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Managed Care Connections

What is is a career management site anyone can use. The site is easy to manage and it includes a wealth of information. Below are some of the more interesting tools on the site:

1. Job Search - You no longer have to go to every major job board. The site has a tool that allows you to search all of the job sites with one click. This will save countless hours and allow you to have more defined searches without having to start over each time you go to a new site.

2. Resume Tips - A section of the site has been devoted to help create and or tweak your resume. We welcome the opportunity to review your finished product and provide suggestions once you are ready for our review.

3. Articles and Assessments - There are two different free assessment tools on the site to help people who are considering a career change. The assessments will help you drive down to the right career.

4. IT'S FREE - There is no cost for any of these features. Go to the site, create your profile, log in and manage your career from there.

Career Development

Why work with a recruiter?

As the old adage says, everyone needs a doctor, an accountant, and a lawyer.  Here at ESS, we believe every career professional also needs a good recruiter.  Our recruiters will take time to understand your background, your strengths, and your goals, while working with you to find the next right step for your career.  If you are content in your current role, your recruiter will keep you apprised of industry news and any outstanding opportunities that may interest you.  If you are in an active job search, your recruiter will serve as your advocate and work with you to find the right fit.   

Why work with ESS? 

Executive Staffing Solutions works with many of the top healthcare companies in the country, and our clients are looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of executive-level positions.  If you currently work in managed care or healthcare, or have recent experience working for an HMO, TPA, PPO, PBM, hospital, health system, or related organization, we would like to connect with you.   

How do I connect with an ESS Recruiter?

Please click here to request that a recruiter contact you. Additionally, please provide us with your résumé, salary requirements, and preferences for relocation.

*Note, if you do not have managed care or healthcare experience, we are NOT likely to contact you.