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The number one asset for every company is its employees. Executive Staffing Solutions has the tools and resources to help companies and departments attract and maintain top performers.Whether it is building a program, identifying top performers, completing assessments, coaching/mentoring, or developing exit programs, ESS can help.

Hiring the wrong person or having the right person in the wrong role can have both financial and cultural impacts on a company.Having no career track, coaching, or employee development program can also be costly.

Every company should consider the following:

  • What are we doing to become an employer of choice?
  • What is our recruiting brand?
  • What assessments should we be using?
  • What is our retention plan?
  • Who are the top employees within our company, and what professional development tools are available to these employees?
  • What is our succession plan?
  • How are employee resignations handled?

Too often, these questions are dismissed or put on the back burner, and the very people companies want to attract, develop, and retain are being turned off by a company that does not have a strategic plan in place for growth and development.

Success begins with a targeted recruiting and on-boarding plan, followed by coaching, training, and career development.  Management training, succession planning, and career development are essential for a company's long term viability.


"I have worked with Rick for the past 7 years and he is one of the most competent and reliable recruiters I have met. He listens to our needs and introduces quality candidates to meet our requirements. I have always received great service from Rick and the entire ESS team."

Southeast Business Partner