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Our Search Process

At ESS, we match talent with opportunity.  When we accept a search from you, we tailor our recruiting plan to your needs.  Our commitment to you is that we will not treat you like one of the masses.  Instead, we will partner with you to help make your organization stronger.

Phase 1 - Understand your need

  1. Develop list of qualifiers for the specific opportunity.
  2. Fully understand your workplace culture and management style.
  3. Develop accountable timelines for approval.
  4. Identify initial target list of companies for recruiting.
  5. Review understanding of position to ensure that all parties are in agreement on search criteria.

Phase 2 - Execute Search

  1. Cold call, recruit, and interview candidates.
  2. Present written profiles of viable candidates including:     
          Overview of background
          Summary of skills
          Reasons ESS believes candidate is a “match”
          Personal situation and reason for leaving current employer
  4. Schedule and prepare candidate and client interviews.
  5. Debrief candidate and client on interview and provide counsel.
  6. Conduct and present written reference checks.

Phase 3 - Complete Placement

  1. Discuss all agreed-upon terms of employment.
  2. Facilitate/negotiate employment offer to chosen candidate.
  3. Assist new employee with resignation from current company.
  4. Prepare candidate to deal with possibility of a counter offer.
  5. Facilitate on-boarding process of selected candidate.
  6. Stay in contact with both the candidate and the hiring manager after start date.

If you would like to speak with an ESS Recruiter to find out how we can help you with your staffing needs, please click hereTo submit a position description, click here and a recruiter will call you to discuss the opportunity.