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Our Team

 Aaron Wandtke, CPC and CERS
 Amy Fastrich
 Brice Schroeder
 Cathrine Parker
 Constance Bellisari
 Corri Devier, CPC
 Heather Marter, CPC
 Heather Sims
 Kat Hudson, CPC  
Leslie Wray, CPC 
Lynn Cooper, CPC
 Rachel Rivera, CPC
 Raena Zupan
 Rick McDonald, CPC
 Robin Manning, CPC
 Tina Boulding

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the planet. ESS now has a facebook page. Like our LinkedIn group, this page will list our current openings as well as other information. Because it is a group, you may join as a fan. Once on the page, please view our pictures from company events as well as review our openings. There is also a place to post comments if you would like to share your experiences.

Go to Facebook and search for "Executive Staffing Solutions Healthcare Recruiting" page.



"Lynn is always professional and knowledgeable in everything she does. I am most impressed with her genuine interest in my professional success, which I find to be very refreshing in today's business world. I have every intention to continue my professional relationship with her and would recommend her to anyone I know with utmost confidence."

Lead Contract Analyst