ESS Candidate Newsletter – June, 2017

ESS Candidate Newsletter – June, 2017

How Do I Find Out About Compensation and Benefits?

Worthington, OH June 01, 2017

In this month’s, ask the recruiter, we discuss how to obtain compensation and benefits information when working directly with a potential employer.

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How do I find about compensation and benefits
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As we begin the summer months, many people have some sort of vacation planned or on the horizon.  We encourage people during vacation periods to spend some type reflecting on your career and ask yourself some questions:

Am I on the right career path for me?

  1. What is the next step in my career?
  2. Is there an opportunity internally or will I need to change jobs to get to my next step?
  3. What is the timeframe for my next move and am I comfortable with that time?
  4. Why should I stay versus why should I leave?

These are never easy questions to consider but are questions you should ask.  Too often, people wait for their career to move in the direction they want versus directing it and taking charge of their career.  If you need help answering these questions and would like to know what is the next step for someone with your background, please call or email.  In addition, if you would like compensation information on what peers or the next step may look like for someone with your experience, let me know, as I am willing to help.

Positions Filled in the last 30 days
Director of Analytics                                     Director of Claims
Medical Director                                            Director, Workforce Management
Senior Financial Analyst                              Chief Medical Officer
Behavioral Health Medical Director (2)

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Ask the Recruiter – How do I find about compensation and benefits?

One of benefits of working with recruiters is having access to benefits and compensation information.  However, how do you get that information when you are working directly with an employer?  Below are suggestions to help you in those situations:

  1. Focus on the job and responsibilities – Too often we hear of candidates asking about compensation and other non-job related questions. During the interview, especially with subordinates, peers and managers, all questions should be job related.
  2. Ask to speak with Human Resources – Human Resources will likely have some general information about benefits, which you can review on your own and follow up with questions. We encourage people to do as much homework as possible prior to speaking with HR.  You do not want to have more questions for HR than you have for the people who interview you.
  3. Ask the right questions – What was the prior individual earning in this role? What has the company paid out in bonus each of the last three years?  When making an offer, does the company like to come in at the low, middle or high end of the compensation range?  What do peers of this role earn?

Compensation and benefits can be tricky.  Asking the right questions to the right person will send the right message and provide you what you need.  If you need other techniques or suggestions for gathering this information, please call or email.

If you need help or suggestions on managing a process, let me know.

I can be reached directly at 614-885-8490 or by e-mail at


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