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Medical Directors

A Medical Director has a lot of responsibilities.  Cost management, utilization review and quality assurance are just a portion of the responsibilities.  In addition, developing strategy, budgeting and managing staff may fall under the Medical Director’s oversite.

Finding the right person for the role can be challenging. Whether you are looking to find the right Medical Director for your company or if you are a Medial Director looking to next step in your career, Executive Staffing Solutions can help.

  • Medical Director
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Behavioral Health Medical Director
  • Medical Director, Medicare
  • Regional Medical Director
  • Senior Medical Director
  • State Medical Director
  • Associate Medical Director
  • Corporate Medical Director
  • Market Medical Director
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C Level

The C Level leadership is the backbone to any organization.  Having the right people in the right positions starts by having the best leadership team in place to lead the company.  The C Level team must be strategic, responsive and proactive in their leadership.

Identifying, recruiting and taking a C Level team through an orientation process takes a specific type of expertise.  Executive Staffing Solutions is equipped to lead this process by following our proven technique for recruiting at this level.

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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Contracting and Provider Relations

Creating and retaining a network is the key to any company’s positive growth.  Without the right network a company will struggle to attract and retain members.  Network development and management needs to respond to the products offered, the marketing strategy, the growth plan and the target market segments.

Building a network is dependent on the right terms negotiated by the network development team.  Retention of the providers and adding hospitals that open market segments not previously served are dependent on the team.  If you are looking to build your team with experience professionals or are looking to join a new team, please contact Executive Staffing Solutions.

  • Vice President of Network Management
  • Vice President of Government Contracts
  • Vice President of Managed Care
  • Vice President of Provider Contracting
  • Contract Analyst
  • Vice President of Provider Relations
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Having a system to approve or deny claims in a timely manner is essential for every company. The management of the system affects the providers the patients and the financial wellness of the insurance company. Like managing and processing claims, compliance is not optional. Compliance ensure the rules and regulations are followed. Eliminating fraud and abuse will always be a priority for the company.

The departments are not optional to have and must be run be competent professional leaders how understand all aspects of these processes. If you would like to upgrade one of these departments, Executive Staffing Solutions can help. Through our national network, we can connect the right people to fill these critical roles.

  • Vice President of Claims
  • Vice President of Compliance
  • Credentialing Manager
  • Director of Claims Operations
  • Ethics and Compliance Director
  • Vice President of Claims Audit
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Case Management

Care Management is essential for both the company and their membership. Often times, this is the only interaction customers will have with their provider so the appropriate and quality of care are essential. Understanding processes, creating budgets, coordinating with colleagues and evaluating the quality of care all fall under the care management department.

The most important asset at any company are the people. For a health care company, these individuals directly affect the customer experience and help in retaining customers. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current care management department or are looking to transition to another company, Executive Staffing Solutions can help.

  • Director of Clinical Program Management
  • Vice President of Healthcare Services
  • Care Coordinator
  • Care Management Supervisor/Manager
  • Director of Case Management
  • Vice President of Utilization Management
  • Vice President of Field Health Services
  • Vice President of Long Term Services & Support
  • Population Health Manager
  • Program Director
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Risk leadership evaluates risk for patients, providers and employees. Protecting each group is critical. Care management works to improve the level of care patients receive while also paying close to the cost associated. Utilization Management focuses on the education of the patient throughout the entire process to ensure he manages his care correctly.

The right people in these roles can make or break a company. Managing cost is a big piece of healthcare and must lead by the right people. If you are looking to improve your team, add to your team or upgrade your team, Executive Staffing Solutions can help.

  • Vice President of Risk Management
  • Vice President of Case Management
  • Director of Quality Improvement
  • Director of Utilization Management
  • Director of Healthcare Services
  • Director of HEDIS
  • Care Coordinator
  • Coordinator Quality Management RN
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And Others

Executive Staffing Solutions is the leader in health insurance recruiting.  We work exclusively in this industry and understand the roles critical to companies.  Because we specialize in this vertical niche, we also know both the questions to ask and the answers to listen for.

At Executive Staffing Solutions, we have the experience and network to work on almost any search at a health insurance company.  If we are not your best resource for an opening, we will recommend another firm who may specialize in the area you need assistance with.  Call us today to quickly determine if we are your best resource.


  • Sales
  • Data Analytics
  • Operations
  • Medical Economics
  • Call Center
  • Legal
  • Actuary and Underwriting
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • IT
  • Project Management
  • Pharmacist
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