How We Source, Place, & Support

Executive Staffing Solutions follows a uniform process for each search we accept. No two jobs are the same
but the process we follow is the same for every search.


Understanding Needs

Why is this position open? Who is the ideal
candidate? What will this person accomplish
in the first year? These are some of the
questions we ask during the discovery
process. We must understand the role, why
it’s important and the goals for the position
before we can begin our search process. By
discussing the various aspects of the role up
front, we save the employer a lot time
during the process.



Cold calls, emails and direct marketing campaigns
are some of the techniques we use to execute the
search. Other techniques include:

  • Qualify each potential candidate through our
    internal interview process
  • Prepare candidates and employers for each
  • Follow up with both the candidate and the
    employer after each interview

By speaking with both parties throughout the
process, we are able to build relationships that
prove valuable when we come to offer stage. While
working with both parties, we also complete spouse
calls, reference checks and degree and certification


Our job is to be thorough. We pride ourselves on
digging into details with both candidates and
employers to ensure everyone is on the same page.



Executive Staffing Solutions positively impacts the
process by working with both parties. By forming
relationships throughout the process, come offer
time, there are no surprises. After the candidate
is hired, the on-boarding process is the next step
to ensure the employee is ready to begin. We
touch base with the candidate weekly and
encourage the employer to do the same. This
ensures a smooth process. Once the new hire
starts we will contact the employee several times
during the first year to make sure everything is
going well. If there are any concerns, we will
immediately contact the employer to make them
aware of any issues.